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A to Z of Courses

First of all I would like to say that each and every course that we run here at Shark Designs is tailored to the specific needs of each student who attends one of our courses. We take special care to offer every student the very best tuition that is available; and whilst we have a friendly, but hard working atmosphere, we always aim to respect and treat every student as an individual.

Individual instructors, on each course, will have had many years of firsthand experience in how to instruct students with the respect, patience and understanding that each of our students deserves.

We at Shark Designs believe in value for money, so if you come on one of our courses you will be busy the whole time and hopefully you will feel that you have got excellent value for your money!

The skills and knowledge that you gain will enhance and enrich your life, giving you something of great value to be treasured for as long as you live.

All of our courses are at a never ending stage of development; a process that will always be passed on to students who follow in your footsteps.

Students attending our short but compact courses are regularly surprised by their own skills and achievements, and typically leave with the satisfaction of having acquired new and unexpected skills that they have then practiced and honed.

One Day courses
(Evenings, Weekdays & Weekends)

These courses are run at any time (Daytime or Evenings - 7 days a week) at your convenience (See our Course Calendar page for available Times & Dates).

Fire Lighting Courses

  • Friction Based Fire Lighting Techniques (TBC)
  • Principles & Methodologies of Fire Lighting Without Matches (TBC)
  • Traditional Spark Based Fire Lighting Ideas and Techniques (TBC)

Leatherwork Courses

Sharpening Courses

Home / A to Z of Courses